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Virtual and Augmented Reality Kits

Expeditions VR

 Use the student device and a VR headset together to view 360° scenes.  Once the device is inside the headset, you can move your head to see all around you.  VR is a truly immersive experience, and you will feel like you are actually there!

Expeditions AR

Use the student device to view an image that appears to be in the real world.  Point your device at a flat surface for the object to appear, then view the object through your screen's device.  You can even walk around to view it from all angles


Go on virtual trips to foreign countries, natural wonders, college campuses, museums, underwater, inside the human body or even outer space.


Expeditions are collections of linked virtual reality (VR)  and augmented reality (AR) content and supporting materials that can be used alongside the existing curriculum. 


With Google's Tour Creator, students can create their own Expeditions and then upload them to the app to view in VR or lead others.


With all purchases, Aquila Education provides free lessons and support to help you get started with Expeditions right away. 

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