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Learn how to code with Q-Scout by Robobloq


Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Q-Scout robot with line tracking and ultrasonic sensor
  • Access to the Robobloq app and desktop program via the Play or the App Store for building instructions and to code/control the robot (tablet sold separately).


Additional Features:

  • Q-Scout can be controlled in two ways:
    • Adding code (drag and drop + Arduino) to the app or desktop programs
    • Using the remote control feature in the app 
  • Aluminum body frame and screws
  • Drag-and-drop coding interface
  • Obstacle avoidance feature
  • Line tracking feature
  • Compatible with name brand building bricks
  • Each robot can be customized and rebuilt to suit all imaginations  




 6 AA batteries + tablet not included (can be for an additional cost)

Q-Scout: Programmable Robot