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Back to School with G Suite

September 4, 2018




Are you a Google guru? Do you love using G Suite in your class to share assignments and keep students up to date?  In our first post for the new school year, we are going to look at some new (and not so new) updates to the G Suite apps so you can hit the ground running this September.










Classroom is a great application in order to keep all of your assignments and documents in a single location for students and yourself.  By using Classroom, teachers can easily share files with students, and students can ask one another questions or submit their work to the teacher.  It is a great way to communicate and stay in contact as a class even when you are not in school.  



After you create a new class in Classroom, you will notice that there is now a new tab called “Classwork.”  Here, you can create topics and arrange your assignments and questions into the desired topic.



So, we can create a topic called “GSuite Updates,” and then add a question.  





When you are adding a question, in order to organize it into the correct topic, click on Topic next to Due Date in the middle of the page, and select the correct one.  This will automatically place the question in the topic section.




If you have several assignments or questions in a topic, you can arrange them by clicking on the three dots and choosing to move it up or down.


Adding topics to your Classroom is a great way to organize the assignments and questions so students can easily stay on track.  If you have multiple units in a semester, you can create a new topic for each unit so all of the work is easily found and does not get “lost” on stream.





Another new feature of Classroom is the ability to copy a class.  To do this, on the main page, click on the three dots and select copy.  This will copy everything from the class except the roster and announcements.  Copying a class is a great way to reuse a class and all of the assignments you have created previously.  Although all of the assignments and questions have been copied over, they have not been assigned, so the students will not see them until you edit the preferences and officially assign them on/to a specific date.












In order to stay up to date on new releases in Classroom, you can alway click on the question mark in the bottom right hand corner and select What’s New to see t