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Coding in the Classroom

​We now live in a digital age where most of our students have constant access to technology both at school and at home. Many school tasks now even require some form of programming.

What is coding and how does it benefit our students?


Coding uses a programming language in order to get a computer to perform tasks. These tasks are written in lines of code which give the computer the instructions needed to carry out said task. Every line of code gets the computer to do something. A document with numerous lines of code is called a script and every script carries out a job.


When people think of coding they often think of preparing their students for their future careers. However, coding helps to promote a number of other skills that are beneficial in the here and now.

Coding encourages our students to experiment, they are exposed to new material which presents them with a number of tasks that they will have to work through using trial and error. With this comes some failures that will in turn lead them on to successes. Hands on learning such as this helps to create resilient learners who are assured that failures can lead to great things. During the coding process our students have to think outside of the box, critical thinking skills are constantly coaxed out in a very natural manner as our students explore. It’s extraordinary to watch your class work together, overcoming challenges and working towards their end goal.


Introducing coding into the classroom doesn’t have to be complicated nor does it need to take over your entire day. If you just want to dip your toe, check out Hour of Code, you will find lots of “how to” guides and ideas to get the ball rolling.

If you would like to purchase equipment to help with introduction of coding in your classroom you will find a variety of robotics equipment in our store suited to beginners, advanced and everything in between.

We’d love to hear about any teaching strategies that you use with your students. Please share what works well for you with @aquilaeducation on Twitter orFacebook.

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