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The Benefits of VR in Education

By Lisa H.

What is VR?

Virtual Reality uses computer technology to create a simulated environment. Users are immersed into a three-dimensional virtual world which they can explore. VR can be used to take students on an immersive virtual journey allowing them to see the world from the comfort of the classroom.

Benefits of using Virtual Reality in the Classroom

  • Engagement - Our students love technology, it is a part of their everyday life, adding VR to your lessons is a great way to capture their immediate attention. VR is a transformative tool that requires 100% of our students' attention because of its immersive nature and need for them to move and engage in the content. It would be practically impossible to avoid engagement.

  • Gamification - Learning through personal experience offers a whole new learning perspective to students. Much of the learning that happens in the classroom can be passive, virtual reality allows educators to add layers to their students learning while also gamifying any lesson with ease. Immersion within VR helps to open students’ imaginations.

  • Opportunity - VR allows students to experiment with things that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them in school. It can simulate almost impossible events and experiences. The list is really endless!

  • Complex Topics - Learning through your own personal experiences and perspective makes the dissection of complex topics more approachable. Visual learning helps our students to better comprehend, which in turn helps to boost their recall in the future.

If you are just beginning your VR journey and thinking about adding it to your classroom it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Liaise with us for advice or guidance and check out our online store to find the perfect kit to suit your needs. Every hardware purchase comes with free common core curriculum and state aligned lesson packages. In addition, you also receive free professional development and staff training to help educators make the most of your VR kit.

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