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Increase productivity in the classroom with Brain Breaks

Brain breaks give students the time they need to refocus and self regulate. In school, students are constantly learning. In order for them to reach their full learning potential breaks are essential. Expecting children to sit all day and learn intently while doing so is an unrealistic expectation to put upon them. Incorporating brain breaks into your classroom schedule will help your students to exert some energy and in turn they will retain more information in the long run.

5 simple brain break ideas!

1. Simple exercises such as jogging on the spot give students a chance to release any pent up energy. Why not make up a short classroom dance routine with your students, work together collaboratively and get moving.

2. Meditation is a great way to help students regulate their emotions. Incorporate some stretching at the beginning and end of mediation sessions to add some movement to this activity.

3. Sentence by sentence stories, start the activity with a sentence. Each student subsequently adds a sentence to the story. The last student finishes the story with the final sentence. This activity also engages the imagination and gets students thinking.

4. Clapping rhythms, this activity is more suited to older students but could be adapted for a younger class also. The first student begins with a clapping rhythm, the class follows and the next student adds to that rhythm again until the entire class has had a turn.

5. Balance tests, use a paper plate/bean bag and set out a path for the class to follow. Level up and add other objects to the challenge as time goes on.

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