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Encouraging Inquiry

By: Lisa H.

Curiosity is something that comes naturally to us all from a young age. It is something that all teachers wish to promote throughout their time as educators. Creating independent learners is something that we all strive for, learners who wish to seek answers to questions independently and do so with confidence.

To do this, we need to go back to basics. Do our students actually know how to do this? When a problem is presented, do they actually know where to go to find the information required and do they know how to seek out this answer through discovery and inquiry. A lot of the time our students first call on us to help them answer the question but by simply telling them the answer we are not helping them to take responsibility for their own learning. This is where 3 Before Me can be a useful classroom rule to incorporate into the everyday learning process. It is a simple strategy that encourages our students to seek out the answers they require. These questions can help our students to drive their own learning.

Take a look below to find a free printable that you can start using in your classroom today!


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