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Game based learning - You’re never too old to play

Gamification is ‘’the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals”. (Gardner 2014)

Transform your classroom into a hub where learning is fun. With the use of gamification teachers can challenge students in a different way while still gaining the expected knowledge. The power of gamification is tremendous, as humans, we are innately built to play and have fun. It increases the level of engagement in the classroom and in turn increases the productivity.

Game based learning (GBL) can be used as an extension to traditional learning models. It allows us to spark innovation and promote diversity in our teaching models while also promoting problem solving and assists in the understanding of key concepts. GBL can be an immersive way for students to learn as they are learning in an experiential manner. Games are particularly adaptable allowing them to be flexible, therefore they can be framed to suit the needs of the setting.

Introducing GBL into the classroom

Divide your class into teams - This encourages students to work together towards a goal. Once you have set out your teams you can then begin to set goals and targets for the class and award points based on targets met or efforts made, whatever works best for your classroom. Giving the class a visual leaderboard is also helpful to show progress and encourage the competitiveness that comes with gaming.

Change the way you approach homework and projects - Make tasks such as these more exciting for your students by simply addressing them in a different way. Set pursuits and challenges, this simple change in word choice makes the task sound more appealing and exciting.

Education Technology - If you have access to Ed Tech in your school make the most of it in the classroom. Create an immersive experience for your students with the help of robotics, google expeditions and the ever growing world of coding. Resources such as these allow our students to master learning through gaming.

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