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Scaffolding Lessons-Keeping it simple

Scaffolding helps teachers to bridge learning gaps within the classroom. Our students are all different and have individual needs. Similar to differentiation, scaffolding allows teachers to instruct and guide their students through the curriculum through breaking up the content into chunks.

4 simple scaffolding ideas

  1. Visual aids - Make the learning visual with pictures and charts. This helps your students to see what you would like them to learn. Graphic organizers are also a useful visual aids. They help your students to organize their thoughts onto paper summarizing their learning while also providing a scaffold to help develop ideas and construct knowledge.

  1. Use prior knowledge - Encourage your students to relate and connect to the topic. When learning is launched through access to prior knowledge it will help students to grasp concepts on a more personal level and provide them with a clearer understanding.

  1. Front-load vocabulary - Set your students up to succeed! Give them all the vocabulary they will need to access the lesson you have planned. It will make the learning flow better as students will know from the meanings from the offset. A simple explanation and introduction is all that is needed at the beginning to make for a more engaged class.

  1. Check for understanding - Allow take up time and give students time to think and reflect on what’s been learned. Pose open ended questions and allow time to respond. Questions such as this encourage your students to think critically in their answering which in turn shows the level of understanding obtained.


We’d love to hear about any scaffolding techniques that you use with your students. Please share what works well for you with @aquilaeducation on Twitter or Facebook.

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