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Self-care in a Continually Demanding Profession

As teachers, we give our all to our students. In most cases we put our students needs before our own. On a daily basis we play a number of roles in order to meet students needs. We act as a counselor when they are upset, a mediator when they have arguments with friends and take responsibility for their wellbeing and safety when they are in our care.

When you become a teacher you automatically sign up to all of these added extras and it can be very overwhelming and demanding at times. Looking after our own wellbeing will allow us to do all of these jobs to the best of our abilities.

Ways to combat stress and promote well-being.

Supports - Make use of your school community. Your colleagues are all going through the same daily challenges as you, work together and try to support one and other. Why not set up a well-being committee in the school. This can help to keep track of staff moral, when things are getting tough small pick me ups can be organized to give us that much needed boost. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference, who doesn’t love surprise treats and notes of encouragement.

Relaxation Techniques - These can be helpful not only for you but also for your students. On busy days, students can benefit from some meditation time too. Incorporate into your daily schedule. 5 minutes of guided meditation will help to reduce stress and enhance self awareness.

Physical Activity - This is good for both the mind and body. Physical activity helps to release tension and improves mental fatigue. When teaching you are constantly on, exercise is an outlet that allows you to recharge and alleviate any anxieties.

Challenging yourself - Set yourself a personal goal. When we reach the goals that we have set we find confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Through this you can grow your own self esteem.

Sleep - When we sleep we process information. Give your body enough time to rest and repair. Try to avoid any late night caffeine and reduce blue light exposure from both phones and laptops in the evening.

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