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Google Expdition Kit

We provide free access to our education subscription with the purchase of an augmented classroom kit or virtual reality classroom kit


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Benefits of purchasing a virtual reality classroom kit or augmented reality classroom kit from Aquila Education

In the Classroom

Lesson Database


We have over 150 lessons to use with virtual and augmented reality.

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Expeditions Search

Search expeditions by grade, subject and location


AR Curriculum

Full lessons with AR models imbedded.   Can be used on both AR and VR devices

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Science and Technology Class

Interactive Online

Interactive experiences that students can do on a computer in school or at home.

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AR Skeleton

Get up close with a skeleton to learn about the bones in the human body.

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In the Classroom


Blog access, direct contact with instructional specialists + set up instructions.


AR Cards

Individual images that display 3D models when scanned with the app.

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Augmented Reality Classroom & Virtual Reality Classroom Lessons

We have a database of over 200 lessons, with new ones added every month. Each lesson consists of everything you need in order to seamlessly integrate virtual reality and technology into the classroom.  All lessons incorporate AR or VR, reading, writing, videos and discussion activities to provide a fully differentiated lesson that targets multiple intelligences and entry points.  Each lesson consists of three documents; the lesson plan, student worksheet, and presentation slides.    

VR lesson plan


Teacher instructions with an overview of the lesson, aim, standards, activities and differentiation strategies.

AR lesson plan


A place for the students to write their answers, read additional information and complete activities.

google expeditions kit


Our slides consist of information and images to display to the entire class, as well as links to outside sources.