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ClassVR Joins Aquila Education

Aquila Education, a leading augmented and virtual reality provider for education, is pleased to announce that they will be offering ClassVR products starting December 2020.

Aquila Education was one of the first partners for Google Expeditions hardware kits, and also helped develop augmented reality expeditions on the app. With Expeditions being phased out, we knew it was important to find a partner who had experience in the field, and was able to provide the services that teachers and students needed.

“ClassVR’s hardware and software is a great offering for educators in order to support student learning” said founder Amy DeMarco. “As former teachers, we understand the importance of this technology and how it can be used to support students and their learning. This is why we are also adding our own playlists on the ClassVR software with lessons for both virtual and augmented reality,” she added.

Aquila Education was founded by two former New York City Department of Education educators, and has been dedicated to providing educators worldwide with the best support and offerings possible. After working with Google on rolling out Expeditions, they began developing their own augmented and virtual reality apps for educational use, which can be found on the Google Play Store.

By bringing ClassVR into their offerings, Aquila Education will continue to support educators globally with high quality augmented and virtual reality hardware and software. ClassVR is a complete AR and VR system for teachers and students. The software allows teachers to create their own playlists that are then pushed out to the students’ headsets. Teachers can use the pre-built ClassVR content or content from one of their partners, including Thinglink, CoSpaces and Aquila Education to develop lessons and playlists. Using AR and VR in the classroom allows students to be fully immersed in the content, and will increase their understanding and knowledge retention.

Aquila Education offers a variety of augmented and virtual reality classroom kits for education use. Schools can purchase a pre-built kit that includes all of the software needed to begin using augmented and virtual reality. Kits can also be customized to suit a school’s needs based on budget and size.

Visit our ClassVR page for more information, or contact us for a quote.


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