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Get Grounded

In times of high pressure or feelings of anxiety, being able to recenter yourself is a great skill to have. Grounding helps to bring you back to the present moment and is very helpful to help manage any overwhelming feelings of anxiety or worry. Techniques can be used to help break the cycle of worry, which in turn refocuses and brings you back to the present moment feeling more secure.

When we come across something in life that brings us a feeling of stress, a part of the brain clicks into action. This part of the brain is responsible for emotional responses, including fear. It protects during emergencies, however, for some people it finds a threat when there isn’t any there. This is where grounding techniques come into play. These techniques help to break the cycle of stress by diverting your mind away from those thoughts, anchoring you back in the present moment.

Teaching grounding techniques the first time you meet a class or a student is a great place to start. It’s impossible to learn a new technique when you are feeling ungrounded or in a stressful situation. Having a selection of techniques to draw on during ungrounded moments offer our students a mechanism to help themselves to feel better. They don’t have to be complicated, the easier to remember the better. Find one simple technique below that you can incorporate into your classroom with ease.


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