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Debriefing in the Classroom

At the end of each lesson or topic, looking back on the learning that has occurred helps us to gauge what has been learnt along with what still needs some more work. Reflective questioning is a simple way to make you and your students more self-aware during and after the learning process. No matter what the topic or how big or small the learning outcome was, reflective questioning is beneficial for all involved.

Taking time to debrief encourages your students to practice lifelong learning skills. It gives them the opportunity to identify areas that need work which brings more awareness to their overall learning. It gives them the opportunity to think on a deeper level which can help them to recognize their ability and push them to improve further.

Communication is key throughout this process. Ensuring that your students feel they have a safe space where honesty is respected and valued without judgment will help them to be more open about their weaknesses.

10 Reflective Questions to Debrief in the Classroom.

  1. How will I use what I have learned in the future?

  2. How did I work as part of a team?

  3. When did you feel you learned the most today?

  4. Did anything hinder my progress today?

  5. How did I deal with any challenges that presented themselves?

  6. What was the most important thing that you learned today?

  7. Have I achieved the goals I set out at the beginning of the task?

  8. Does my work reflect the effort I put in?

  9. What strengths did I have? Are there ways that I could improve?

  10. Would I approach this problem differently next time?


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