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The benefits of Tech for Students

Teaching and learning has changed dramatically in 2020. This change has led to a new found appreciation for education technology amongst educators all over the world. It was always a valuable resource in schools, however, it’s importance has been truly realized amidst this worldwide pandemic. It has allowed educators to stay connected with their students and bring learning to a new space. It became the primary driving force for learning in the lives of our students, and also the primary working space for educators. Although a new experience for many it was a journey that we all embarked upon together.

The move to online learning has opened people’s eyes to the future of learning. Learning can happen from anywhere and technology enables this. Education technology such as gamification, VR and AR are becoming more accepted and accessible within learning environments. When you think about technology within education, what is it that makes it so purposeful and relevant?

Benefits of Tech for Students

  1. Allows for differentiation to be delivered in an uncomplicated manner.

  2. Helps students prepare for entering the workforce.

  3. Easy to publish and present assignments and student work.

  4. Access to online resources for both teachers and students.

  5. Collection of data is easier, more accessible and convenient to present.

  6. Helps educators to align assignments to students personal interests and learning styles.

  7. Allows students to learn at their own pace.

  8. Allows students to take the lead.

  9. Provides collaboration opportunities .

  10. Helps to enhance students’ research and investigative skills.

With appropriate integration, technology can help guide students and provide them with greater comprehension of concepts. Technology will never replace the role of the teacher it will only add to the learning experiences of our students and open up a world of possibilities!


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