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10 VR Resources You Can Use Right Now

By Lisa H.

Virtual reality helps to facilitate lessons in ways that we could never have imagined. With the help of VR we can now offer a whole new learning experience to our students that immerses them totally in their learning. Making learning feel less like work and instead more fun can instill a breath of fresh air into topics that may sometimes feel challenging to teach. Find a list of resources below that you can use to help on your virtual learning journey!

Google Expeditions - Find a wide range of content to bring lessons to life! Create your own tours and much more.

Molecule VR - A virtual reality tour where students can explore complex concepts in biology and chemistry through a visual and interactive format.

VR Showcase - Take your students on a class trip like no other and explore thousands of destinations!

Anatomyou VR - A great free virtual reality app for education. This app allows students to explore the anatomy of the human body. A great addition to science lessons as it allows students to get up close and personal.

FlashCard VR - An engaging way to help with revision making learning feel fun!

Titans of Space - Explore the solar system in the most realistic way possible. It’s sheer volume is challenging for us all to comprehend, this is a great tool to put it into perspective.

National Geographic Explore VR - Allow your students to explore the far corners of the earth.

Sterogram - Find over 40,000 amazing sterograms to use in the classroom or why not create your own!

Virtual Orator - Help your students to practice their public speaking skills in a safe environment. It offers a range of practical tips and immersive techniques!

History View VR - Bring history to life in your classroom. Collect digital data from historical sites from all over the world.

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