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Summer Activities to Keep Students Learning

Although students and teachers like to "forget" the school year and relax during the summer, it is important that the students do not forget everything they learned throughout the year. So how can we help our students keep learning while still having a good time? Below are a few ideas for fun activities that students can partake in during the summer to not only have a good time, but to also keep learning.




  • Make your own ice cream

  • Summer recipes

  • Go on a walk and find symmetry in nature


  • Read an adventure book such as Tom Sawyer

  • Have your students go on a hike/walk and then write about their own adventure

  • Campfire poem/story - everyone around a campfire says a word/phrase and you continue around the circle until the group has created a poem or story

  • Book Club - start a book club with the neighborhood kids

Stay connected to your students with the following tools:

Remind - send text messages safely to students and parents

Edmodo/Google Classroom - create a class where you can keep your students updated on the latest news, post polls etc

Twitter - create a teacher account and have your students follow you. Post your own adventures and tips and tricks for the summer.

Although the summer is a time to relax, it is important that students continue to learn in a fun and engaging way. Share these ideas with your students and their parents to keep students learning even when school is out!

For even more ideas on how to keep students engaged over the summer, visit Education World

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