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Classroom STEM Resources

By: Lisa H.

We are always encouraging our students to be creative critical thinkers. What better way to do that than with STEM activities. STEM allows students to investigate, create and be ingenuitive while also gaining essential skills that will be needed for their future careers. Below you will find a list containing 10 STEM resources that can be used in the classroom or remotely!

Tynker - A fun and easy way to learn about computer coding.

NASA Kids’ Club - A great way to keep up to date with real life space missions and more.

Exploratorium - Where questioning is encouraged, great for inquiry based learning.

Khan academy - Excellent tutorials on math and more.

Crash Course - Learn more about science, math and more with videos from John and Hank Green.

The Alice Project - Create 3D animations within games or create interactive narratives.

Learn - Quality videos that clear up misconceptions and create a passion

for engineering.

First - Explore real life scientific challenges suited to all age groups.

Figure This - Fun Math challenges for middle school students.

The Coding Train - Creative coding videos for students of all abilities.

Computer Science Fun for Kids - Several coding and computer activities for kids of all ages.

free stem resources
STEM Resources

Download the poster using the link below

STEM Resources
Download PDF • 55KB

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