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Create a "Pick Your Path Story" in Slides

Back in the 90s, the Choose Your Own Adventure books were the hit of any Scholastic Book Fair. This gamebook genre allowed the reader to actually engage with the story by being able to choose decisions for the character(s). Now, with today's technology, we can bring back the ever-popular genre, but this time with a new twist. Instead of reading physical books, with Google Slides, students and teachers can write their own gamebook. Teachers can design then own stories in order to engage students in a fun and interactive way to read or learn new content, or students can design their own in order to bring to life their imagination and creativity. Before getting started, it is important that the author has already thought about and formulated the plot, setting, conflict and characters in the story. This will make it easier when you create the story in slides. Once you are ready, use the 6 step process below to create your own gamebook!


1) Open slides and choose a theme and title for the story.

2) Write the beginning of the story

3) Write the options for the reader to choose (two options is best when first getting started)

4) Add two additional slides for the options and title them (one for each option).

5) Go back to the slide with the options. Highlight the first option and go to the link icon. Instead of inserting a hyperlink, select from one of the slides in the presentation. This is why it is important to title the option slides first, so you can easily identify the slides.

6) Continue this process until the story has ended.

Having students design their own gamebook in Slides is a great way to engage them in writing and creativity, while also teaching them how to use Slides. Since Slides is an online and collaborative tool, multiple students can work together in order develop the story and gamebook. This makes for a great activity where students are not only enhancing their writing and technology skills, but are also able to work collaboratively with others.

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