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3 easy ways to practice the Growth Mindset

We’ve spoken about the growth mindset here on our Aquila Education blog before. If you would like to read more about what it is you will find lots of information in our post ‘What is the Growth Mindset?’

Simply, the growth mindset is a way of thinking. You are aware of your abilities but also know that these abilities can be developed. When we use this model of thinking in the classroom it’s important that we practice it alongside our students. There’s no better way to teach something than to model it yourself. At the end of the day we are essentially trying to change the way that we think, opening your mind to growth through positive thinking.

There are simple things that we can do to help practice this way of thinking such as:

1. Using positive affirmations and positive material in the classroom.

Did you know that our subconscious actually finds it difficult to process negative words, when you hear them you do hear them consciously but our subconscious actually makes many of our decisions without us realizing. Actively trying to be positive is the simplest way to promote the growth mindset. Read something positive or listen to something positive such as a podcast or be the best positive role model you can be for your students.

2. Reflect.

Allow time during the day for your students to reflect on the work they’ve done. This gives them time to see the great things that they’ve accomplished. To the same degree it’s important that you set time aside for yourself to reflect. The working day for teachers can be long and chaotic, this time will allow you to debrief, why not incorporate it into meetings or pair up with a colleague and do it together. Ask yourself simple questions such as, are there obstacles that are inhabiting my practice, how well did I communicate today, what was the most surprising part of my day and did my students enjoy their time in my classroom. You can tailor these questions to suit your day but have a set list to make it an easy task that becomes part of your routine.

3. You never stop growing

This one is pretty self explanatory. It happens everyday and will continue to happen forever. Each day brings new challenges and it’s all about how we decide to take them on. Your classroom is a place of constant growth for both you and your students!

We’d love to hear about any teaching strategies that you use with your students. Please share what works well for you with @aquilaeducation on Twitter orFacebook.

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