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Creating an engaging Project Based Learning (PBL) environment

Attitudes towards learning within project work and group work have changed dramatically over the years. Once popular opinion assumed it did not carry a great amount of value, however, now we see the range of benefits that go hand in hand with it. PBL, when implemented in the correct way for your class brings a variety of skills to your students. Over time using PBL students innately begin to question and query the world around them, instead of being passive learners, students are constantly active within their learning.

PBL is not just doing a project. It can be adapted to suit every individual class. You know your class the best, decide what will work best for them, mix it up using both individual and group PBL. Present the driving question to your students and watch them delve into the task at hand. As PBL is student led it creates a sense of ownership and achievement when completed. The main aim is to find a resolution for the driving question. Through this students are engaging in meaningful learning, this information is then easier to recall in the future as students have led the research and have answered the question independently through inquiry.

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