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Qobo - Code with Cards

If you are looking to teach even the youngest of students how to code, look no further. Qobo is the latest robot built by Robobloq, a leading educational robotics company.

Qobo comes with 30 code cards, that have everything from movement to lights to sounds. All you need to do is lay out and connect the cards (starting with the start code and ending with the red gem), turn Qobo on, and you're coding. Qobo is a perfect introductory robot to teach students logic, and the basics of coding. Robobloq has even included condition and random cards, to challenge the students and get them thinking. Not only does the kit come with 30 code cards, you also get a booklet with lessons and challenges and a map to use the robot in Free Mode.

What makes Qobo even better, is that you can use it in two different modes, Game Mode and Free mode

In Game Mode, you lay the cards out like a puzzle, and Qobo will follow the cards, performing each action as it travels over them. This is great to help students visualize the pieces of code and how/when each action is conducted.

In Play Mode, you scan each card, and then place Qobo down on a flat surface. He will then go through the different pieces of code that you scanned. This is great to teach students problem solving, and to have them plan out their code in order to complete a task or a challenge.

Check out the video below to see Qobo in action and for more information on our robots, visit our Robobloq page.

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