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Enhancing Learning with EdTech

At the forefront of every new initiative and EdTech introduction it’s important that we remember what’s most important, but what is this? Throughout all instruction the thing that needs to take the lead are student-teacher relationships. Many teachers will say that the thing that drives learning most is human connection and a leading element that will help to guide not only your teaching practice but also your EdTech usage.

Now, more than ever, when using EdTech in the classroom it’s essential that it holds purpose and has value. As educators we do not want it to take our place, but to simply enhance what we do on a day to day basis with our students while also enhancing the learning that they do. Today, we are able to personalize instruction more than ever before. This comes with many benefits, students are more engaged in their learning as it is targeted to them keeping their attention for longer periods of time. Being able to differentiate at this level reduces one of the main concerns that educators have, reaching each student.

Leading on from this, edtech is helping educators to free up more time allowing for more one to one time with students and also more time for meaningful feedback. Technology is allowing for more focus to be put back on our students. With the help of live polling and online assessment feedback. Immediate feedback holds great value. It helps to motivate students in the here and now pushing them towards their learning goals. It also creates a dialogue between teacher and student where learning is discussed and understood on a deeper level.

Time management is another element within teaching that is of concern to educators. Each day is filled with an endless list of tasks. Resources such as google calendar help teachers world wide to schedule and organise their day. It’s great to keep track of events but remember to always block time for your “to do” lists too!

In short, we can use technology in ways that will benefit everyone in the school community. It allows for the betterment of communication and learning providing us with the opportunity to tailor each student's individual experience.


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