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Facilitating Resilience

Why resilient learning is important in schools

Resilience is a skill that is learned, it is not something that we are born with. It helps us to cope with negative life events and challenges. Resilience as a learning technique may come naturally to some but this is not the case for all. When students have the skills to be resilient learners they have the ability to overcome challenges that stand in the path of their learning. It allows them to be open to assistance in their studies while also understanding that it’s okay not to grasp concepts immediately.

How to promote resilience in the classroom

Build relationships with your students, know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This will give you insight into where some students may need a little extra guidance at times. It is equally as important to encourage your students to build relationships with one and other. Knowing they have each other's support encourages empathy among students making it feel like a safe environment for learning where they know they can ask for help.

Work with your students to set goals. It is an easy task to set a goal, but have they thought about the logistics that go with it? Motivate your students to formulate plans that will explore how these goals can be achieved. Try to check in frequently with goals to see how they are progressing. This allows students to reflect and helps them with tracking their progress. You can also use this as a time to work together to solve any roadblocks students stumble upon along the way.

Remind your students that challenges in life are not always a negative thing. In fact, they help us to learn skills that make us better prepared for the next time we face something challenging.

Our students are on a constant pursuit for knowledge. We want them to obtain all that they can on our journey with us. Helping them to understand from early on that learning is not always about getting it right is one of the key factors in being resilient. We all learn from our mistakes in life and this is also a reality in the classroom.

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