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Positive Online Learning

By: Lisa H.

Many educators across the world are moving to online teaching instruction due to COVID-19. During uncertain times such as this fear of the unknown can begin to overcomplicate things that could be more straightforward. At the end of the day, the number one priority is that everyone is safe and well.

With the help of technology we have many different ways to reach our students. Most schools will already have a chosen platform that they use, whether it be google classroom or Microsoft 365, the list is endless. For many educators, moving solely to these platforms may be overwhelming. Teachers naturally crave responses, feedback and general interaction. This is why stimulating the conversation online will help us to all keep on the right track.

5 tips to help you stay organized and in a positive mindset

  • Make a schedule. Planning helps us to get organized and gives us the opportunity to plan out the day, not only for ourselves but also for our students. Don’t forget to check in with them to see how they are getting on, they will also be able to provide you with feedback and help you better your online instruction.

  • Tune in to EdWebinars and talk with other teachers and colleagues on a regular basis. We’re all in the same position and it’s important that we support one another. Webinars are also a great outlet for our students to learn more from esteemed educators, as we are out of the classroom why not try out some new learning approaches and set up your own webinars for your class using ezTalks.

  • Tune out of the fake news! Everyone is trying their best to get on with their new daily routines. There is a mass of fake news circulating online with untrue statistics and information about the virus. Take advice from your trustworthy national guidelines only and avoid all of that unnecessary click bait.

  • Create an open line of communication with parents. Many parents are going to feel under pressure to help their children with their schooling while also trying to continue with their own work. Keep the conversation going, this is new to all of us and we should do our best to support each other. Why not try weekly check-ins with families to see how they are coping. This should not be instruction based, try to solely focus on social and emotional wellness and community.

  • Chunk your time! Set aside larger chunks of time each day or week for your essential tasks rather than responding to interruptions constantly throughout the day. Obviously your students will be your number one priority so give them a time each day that you will be available to take questions and give guidance on assigned work, by doing this it encourages your students to work the same time you work and makes better use of everyone's time as your not trying to catch each other at different times making for less productive work. Equally, set times for grading, creating course content etc.

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