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ThingLink - UNESCO 360 images

ThingLink recently announced that they are providing free 360 images from UNESCO heritage and natural sites from around the world. The images can be accessed from the Explore tab in a free teacher's account, or one with a paid subscription.

One of the great features of ThingLink is that the images can be viewed on nearly any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile device. In order to view the 360 images, simply drag your finger or mouse around the image. You can create your own virtual tours by adding several images together in a series, and you can even include points of interest to the individual images.

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with ThingLink, so check out our interactive map below in order to see the free UNESCO 360 images and where they are in the world!


To use the map, click on a plus button, and then use your finger or mouse to look around the image. In order to make the image full screen, click on the ThingLink text in the bottom right hand corner.

Link to the interactive map:

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